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Mar Sauvalle-Brandenburg



Degree in Psychology UAB 

(Barcelona, Spain)

2011 SAFE Mentor 

(Dr Brisch, Hanover)


2015 Coaching and Systemic Therapist 

(BI, Bremen)

2016 Stress reduction through  mindfulness-MBSR (LIW, Lohmar)

2020 Traumatherapist 

(Zptn, Hamburg)


2022 Multifamily Therapist 

(NIMS, Bremen)

2024 EMDR


Mar Sauvalle-Brandenburg





Terapia psicológica

Sometimes there are situations in life that are difficult to face, that cause discomfort and disorientation. These reactions are normal and can affect our day-to-day life. Sometimes you need outside guidance and support to overcome these challenges, approach them differently, do personal development work and find new perspectives.  

People come to my office who, for different reasons, seek this support. They either come because they are experiencing personal, family or work difficulties, they feel sadness or grief, they feel fear, anxiety or stress or because they are in an existential crisis. I also attend to binational or foreign couples, who have relationship difficulties, such as communication problems, sexual disagreements, infidalities, conflicts about raising children, intercultural differences or problems from the past that hinder further progress and evolution as a couple.

My therapeutic resources are very varied so that they adapt to the needs of each person. I work with words, I have with the body and creativity (KReST Modell, Body Therapy), changing perspectives, visualizing situations, working with inner parts (Gestalt therapy), learning relaxation and breathing techniques (MBRS), among other.


The main peculiarity of my work is the emphasis on the cultural origin of the consultants and their personal beliefs.  

The consultant sets the pace at what he wants or where he can go and how far. With different methods I accompany you, I support you, I show you possibilities, I contain you by ensuring your emotional stability and we jointly find out your needs.


Systemic therapy or psychotrauma therapy count as international scientific methods. Despite this, in Germany social security (gesetzlichen Krankenkassen) does not cover the costs. For this reason, consultants must assume the costs.

The first individual therapy visit, where we get to know each other and put together a work plan, costs 65 Euros and the cost of the following sessions is 70 Euros per hour.


The same prices apply for online consultations.


Reports or certificates about our work in therapy have an additional cost that will depend on the time necessary to carry it out.


Agreed visits must be canceled at least 24 hours in advance, otherwise you will have to pay for the entire session.

Terapia familiar o de pareja binacional
Jetzt buchen


Psychologist  Mar Sauvalle-Brandenburg 


Tel: 0421-165 07 47



I speak Spanish, Catalan, German and English

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